1939's unbelievable and shocking fad

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It started as a publicity stunt when a Harvard freshman named Lothrop Withington Jr. swallowed a goldfish in his bid for class president. After boasting that he has once swallowed a goldfish, a fellow student offered to pay Lothrop $10 to do the stunt again. Lothrop agreed and repeated the action. Therefore starting the goldfish-swallowing trend, which spread among college campuses in the late 1930s.

Three weeks later, the number of goldfish swallowed rose to three and four days after that it jumped to 24. By the end of April 1939, the record for the number of goldfish swallowed stood…

On the example of a small country in Nothern Europe

The line for coffee beans, 1988 (Photo/Henn Soodla, Estonian Film Archive)

Estonia, a small country in northern Europe, was under Soviet rule in 1940–1991. During that time and especially immediately before the Union's dissolution, money earned for one’s work was not the only prerequisite needed to obtain consumer goods or luxury items. The personal car was considered to be one of the most luxurious items a citizen could possess.

To obtain one, ordinary people had to wait on special lists kept by the trade unions for decades before they could finally make their purchases. Of course, one also had to have the required amount of money. …

But is it surprising for you?

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The book industry’s last decade has been a learning curve and a fascinating time for readers, retailers, authors, and publishers alike. The epub format’s rise brought many changes to the industry. The self-publishing boom and significant competition from other media and publishing outlets — are among some.

The death of reading has been predicted since the advent of video games and television. …

A secret society whose members wore dog collars

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It was the 17th century when Freemason appeared in England and welcomed people of all religions into their ranks.

As an organization that aimed to help people regardless of religion and to better society without the church`s support, it was seen highly dangerous. All of that and the fact that many Freemasons opposed monarchies, from which the Catholic church highly benefitted, was why the papacy saw Freemasonry as a denier of the Church.

In 1738 the Catholic Church banned its members from partaking in freemasonry. The punishment for breaking this new rule was excommunication from the Catholic community.

Establishing the Order of the Pug

The order…

Surprising help during the Great Depression

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The Great Depression illustrates the decade of the 1930s. In America, millions of people were forced to rely on their wits to survive.

1933, when the Great Depression reached its lowest point, some 15 million Americans were unemployed and nearly half the country’s banks had failed.

When money was tight and times were lean, people did not waste money on new clothes. Mothers mended socks and sewed patches over holes in clothes.

About a hundred years before the Great Depression, there was an adjustment in how merchants transported the goods. Potatoes, flour and animal feed had previously travelled the world…

From one end of the world to another

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We are living in a world of technology. Many countries around the world have involved smartphones in the fight against coronavirus.

Apps are being used to track infected people, issue self-quarantine guidelines, provide the latest communication to the citizens, and ease healthcare staff burden.

Throughout the world, from Singapore to Poland, the apps have been downloaded by millions of people.

Apple and Google have reached a helping hand by creating APIs that enabled contact tracing apps to run on most recent iPhones and Android phones. Still, the tech giants are not publishing nor developing the apps themselves. …

Picture by author

Classic romance story: boy meets girl, crushes turn to love, trouble finds them, denial, the heartache, until finally marriage and happily ever after.

Every once and a while reading a classic love story could fill you up with hope for love in this world or give a temporary hiding place, reveal the secret hopeless romantic in you or is a simple stress reducer.

Classic in its definition is …

… an outstanding example of a particular style; something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality; of the first or highest quality, class, or rank.

The next 10 classic books…

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Stressed out, anxious and sad, feeling like you’re truly a bit stuck in your own life. Sounds familiar? Yeah, that’s me daily.

With work, school, relationships, friendships, health and everything else we’re supposed to think about non-stop every day, jumping hurdles just to keep it all afloat, I get overwhelmed so easily. And when it’s already gone too far, the tiniest tear in my armour can feel like the end of the world.

Sure, meditation help, a long, burningly hot bath and good music help. Medication helps and talking help, even exercise helps. …

Elina M. Fox


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